10 reasons to watch Na Band Na Baraati

Na Band Na Baraati

The Eid fever continues and with it, the buzz around the Eid film releases is at an all-time high. Pakistani films have been received well and audiences are loving it. Out of the 4 film, Na Band Na Baraati offers something fresh and different. Here are 10 reasons to watch Na Band Na Baraati.

The charming Mikaal Zulfiqar
He is a super hero for his brother Zahid (Shayan Khan) in the film. He lends his brother money, saves him from his father’s wrath and looks a million dollars while doing all of it.

The emergence of Shayan Khan
Do we have an answer to shirtless Salman Khan. He has the charisma, the flamboyance and the dancing skills to reach the heights in the industry. And oh did I say the perfect body? Plus he isn’t not shy to flaunt it. Girls, plenty of eye candy for you!

The stunning beauty of Nayab Khan
If Shayan Khan is Salman Khan, we can certainly equate Nayab Khan with Katrina Kaif. The leading lady of Na Band Na Baraati is stunningly beautiful and speaks Urdu with an accent.

Ali Kazmi and his two stooges
A mechanic who talks in car metaphors, and sticks his phone to his ear with electric tape. Ustad is hilarious as Ayesha ka ashiq. His two stooges also provide plenty of rib-tickling moments.

The songs are beautifully sung and shot
The Wikileak song is quite clever. And how can miss an album with songs from Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Shafqat Amanat Ali?

The perfect sibling relationship
They are caring, loving and a little bit annoying to each other. The relation between the siblings is the highlight of the film. Shayan Khan, Komal Farooqi and Mikaal Zulfiqar have a fun dynamic between them.

You can watch Qavi Khan, exercise and have fun
The veteran actor is having a lot of fun during this film. He got the best dialogues in the film and his delivery was perfect. But when he is angry, he means business. How do the sons deal with his anger? That’s for you to find out.

Qavi Khan & Atiqa Odho
Qavi Khan is a bit of flirt! His exercise routine is following models on TV. So, naturally, when Atiqa Odho makes an appearance, he has his eyes set on her. Watch the film to see how Ms Odho responds.

Ontario is beautiful
And the film has showcased it so beautifully. At times you just wish that the camera doesn’t move from a particular shot.

And most importantly
The film talks about differences between parents and children in a cross cultural society. A dilemma many face. Hence, you may relate to this film.

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