Na Band Na Baraati
Na Band Na Baraati
Comedy, Family
Na Band Na Baraati
October 17, 2016 - Canada, United States
2 hours, 10 minutes
Pakistan, Canada, United States
Zashko Entertainment
Hum Films

NA BAND NA BARAATI is a 2017 Urdu Film, directed by Mahmood Akthar, and co-directed by Sheraz Ahmed. It is produced by Zashko Entertainment, and written by Harish Kumar Patel. The film stars Mikaal Zulfiqar, Shayan Khan, Ali Kazmi, Komal Farooqi, Qavi Khan, Nayab Khan, Atiqa Odho, Kashif Ahmed, Azra Mohiuddin, Saram Jaffry. and Mahmood Akthar. The film trails lives of a few Pakistani families in Canada. It has a mix of culture, compassion, love, mischiefs, and entertainment.

The film began post-production in April, 2016. And initial filming took place starting August 19th, 2016. The movie is filmed in various locations throughout, Ontario, Canada. Na Band Na Baraati, is the first Pakistani film, to be filmed completely in Canada. The film took approximately 40 days to film, and was shot in many outdoor locations across Canada for example, Niagara Falls, Blue Mountain Resorts, Toronto, and various other locations.

The film has a talented mix of artist that bring various different styles, and come together from many different parts of the world including U.S.A, CANADA, INDIA, PAKISTAN, IRAN, and others. The production team comes from a large mix of talents and is a mix of multiple ethnic nationalities. For instance, the script was acquired from India, and written by Harish Kumar Patel, the set manager was an Iranian Gentleman named Mehraan Shojaei. The very talented, Ms. Sohni an international artist of Punjabi Indian Decent did choreography. The filming crew was mainly Canadian natives, who have worked on multiple Hollywood films.

Not a single corner was cut in the making of this film, major attention has been given to each and every detail of the film. The film has 5 awesome songs, directed by Ayaz Sonu, and well-known artists such as Rahat-Fateh Ali Khan, Shafqat Amanat Ali, Sahir Ali Bagga, Aima Baig and Nimra Rafiq did the play back singing. The films background score was done by Mohsin Ali, with Mad Music.

Hollywood teams have done the entire editing and post-productions. The makers of this film have gone above and beyond making sure they make an optimum product.
The executive producers of the film come from an extensive background in entertainment and content creation. They have been involved in creating Entertainment Products, 3D Content, and etc. Executive producer Khawar Farooqi, Nighat Farooqi, and Zain Farooqi, are well known socialites and entrepreneurs based out of Houston, Texas U.S.A.

With such a great mix of talent, experience, and hard-work this movie is slated to be a block buster at box offices world wide.