After a series of disappointing films, ‘Na Band Na Baraati’ turns out to be a breath of fresh air

Shayan Khan

The cast delivers some of their most memorable performances in a story that revolves around a typical Pakistani family that lives in Toronto, Canada

Released on Eid, Mahmood Akhtar’s newest directorial venture ‘Na Band Na Baraati’, which is a romantic comedy, opened to packed houses in the country, where people thronged to cinemas to enjoy a light, comedy film with their friends and family.

Written by Harish Kumar Patel and produced by American Production House called Zashko Entertainment, it is actually the film’s stellar cast that pulls one towards giving it a chance with their friends and family. Mikaal Zulfiqar, Ali Kazmi, Qavi Khan and Atiqa Odho are just some of the names that initially attracted me towards seeing the film on Eid.

Na Band Na Baraati

The cast delivers some of their most memorable performances where the story revolves around a typical Pakistani family that lives in Toronto, Canada.

The family is busy in organising a big, fat, very relatable desi wedding for their two sons in Toronto. Mikaal Zulfiqar and debutante Shayan Khan are playing the roles of brothers while Ali Kazmi is playing a character with grey shades.

Some of the other cast members are Nayab Khan, Komal Farooqi and Azra Mohiuddin among others.

As it is with other films, this one in particular had created quite a stir right from its first official trailer which was released in early June 2018, even though the film’s shooting was completed almost two years back.

The entire movie has been shot in Canada, so the picturesque locales and scenic beauty has been captured in full, and proves to be refresher from all the heat we’re facing in Pakistan at the moment.

Initially the makers of the film had plans to release the film on June 29th but the producer of the movie Zain Farooqi said that they decided to release the film early as the Supreme Court put a temporary ban on Bollywood movies on the occasion of Eid to support the Pakistani cinema.

With a running time of two hours, it has been nine days since ‘Na Band Na Baraati’ has been released and so far it has collected a total of Rs 0.85 crores at the box office and counting.

Another highlight of the film is the performance of Ukrainian model Anzhelika Tahir, who features in a prominent role in the film.

The film’s songs are also its USP. The track “Baahon May” has been written by Asif Munir and sung by Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan.

“Sajan Bin Rehna” has been written by Irfan Salim and sung by the legendary Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

“Pyar Vyar” has been written by Asif Munib and sung by Sahir Ali Bagga and Aima Baig.

The makers have indeed roped in big names to lend their voices to the beautifully and meaningfully written songs that have soulful melodies.

The music for all the songs has been composed by Ayaz Sonu. The film’s background score has been done by Mohsin Ali with Mad Music.

“We have taken every step to make this movie a success. The producer’s idea behind this movie was to make an international impact with Pakistani films. Everyone associated with ‘Na Band Na Baraati’ has contributed towards achieving this goal. I believe in hard work and I am certain that the audiences will appreciate our efforts,” Akhtar says of the film.

“‘Na Band Na Baraati’ is entirely shot in Canada, mostly in outdoor locations to engage a broad range of audience. The production team comes from a large mix of multiple ethnic nationalities, hired on the basis of their expertise to leave no stone unturned in making an impactful film that contributes towards rising of the bar of filmmaking in Pakistan,” Zain Farooqi said of the film, to which we totally agree as the film is a complete masala Pakistani entertainer, that is giving all the other Pakistani movies released a run for their money.

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