First Look Of Mikaal Zulfiqar Film Na Band Na Baraati

Na Band Na Baraati

The first look teaser of the Mikaal Zulfiqar starrer Na Band Na Baraati released yesterday and we’ve been hooked. Promising a fun filled, comic ride, with Qavi Khan throwing rhyming comedy punches and the cast throwing a lot of slaps, the teaser manages to capture your attention immediately and hold it there. The background score in Mika Singh’s voice is peppy and energetic, just like the teaser. A comedy revolving around marriage and desis settled in Canada, Na Band Na Baraati seems to present a storyline that most of us will be able to relate to. Mikaal looks his usual dapper self, Ali Kazmi as the antagonist looks promising. To be honest, after Baaghi, we really want to see more of Kazmi.

Film is produced by Zashko Entertainment from USA. Na Band Na Barati is a family comedy revolving around two brothers played by Mikaal Zulfiqar and Shayan Khan. In addition to these two, the cast includes new faces such as Nayab Khan and Anzhelika Tahir and many big names from the industry such as Qavi khan, Atiqa Odho, Mehmood Akhtar, and Azra Moheyuddin and also Ali Kazmi to name a few.

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