Mikaal Zulfiqar and Ali Kazmi to star in a desi comedy in Canada

Mikaal Zulfiqar & Ali Kazmi Na Band Na Baraati

It was only a matter of time before actor/producer Mikaal Zulfiqar re-emerged on the Pakistani big screen.

The Baby actor has starting shooting Na Baja Na Barati, a comedy film based in Canada.

Mikaal describes the film as “a story of two brothers always getting into trouble.”

He is joined in the film by Ali Kazmi (who’ll next be seen in Mehreen Jabbar’s Dobara Phir Se), and a host of senior Pakistani stars, including Qavi Khan, Atiqa Odho, Azra Mohyeddin and Mehmood Akhtar.

The cast also includes actors based out of Pakistan, including Shahyan Khan (USA), Nayab Khan (Canada) and Nzhelika (Ukraine).

The film has been shot entirely in Canada. “I’m doing this project to support people outside Pakistan looking to invest in Pakistani films,” says Mikaal.

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