Movie Review: Na Band Na Baraati – A Complete Family Entertainer

Na Band Na Baraati

Very rarely it happens in our entertainment industry that a whole family gets to enjoy a movie together.

Fortunately, Na Band Na Baraati comes in that exceptional category.
The movie which got released on Eid-ul-Fitr along with 7 Din Mohabbat In, Wajood and Azaadi although faced a tough competition but came out on top victoriously.

The rom-com directed by Mahmood Akhtar managed to impress the audiences and critics alike. The plot revolves around a typical Pakistani family living in Toronto. The family is in the midst of organizing weddings for their sons and all the drama which unfolds in between is that what the movie is all about. Although not everything that looks good on paper ends up looking good on the camera reel as well but the latter didn’t happen with Na Band Na Baraati. In fact, it had been noticed that the movie trailer didn’t do full justice with the movie. The movie was in fact better than what people saw in that 2 minute trailer.
The script written by Indian writer Harish Kumar Patel was interesting and really hilarious at times. The script had the right mix of romance, emotions and comedy which worked well for the Pakistani audience. Music by Sagir Ali Bagga deserves special mention. Each song of the movie soundtrack was perfect, well written, well sung and well composed. Top songs of the movie include Wiki Leaks, Bahoon Mein Teri and Mast Jawani.

Cinematography by Shezad Pasha was according to the mood of the movie, bright and engaging. Editing by David Van was razor sharp. The movie produced by Zain Farooqi had a lavish production design.
As far as performances are concerned, definitely the movie rests on the shoulders of Mikaal Zulfiqar. Mikaal is totally natural in the role of a responsible elder brother. Debuntante Shayan Khan has all the ingredients of a Pakistani super star i.e good looks, natural acting and effortless style and charisma. Female lead and debutante Nayab Khan looks really gorgeous and stunning in the entire film and does full justice with her role in her very first movie. Komal Farooqi is beautiful and plays her role effortlessly in the movie. Veteran actors like Atiqa Odho, Qavi Khan, Azra Mohyeuddin and Mahmood Akhtar take the movie to next level with their sheer expertise in the field of acting.
Overall, NBNB is a fun ride and a kind of movie which shouldn’t be missed in any case. Watch it for great comedic timing between actors, good looking young faces and foot-tapping music.
Rating 4/5

Shayan Khan
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