‘Na Band Na Baraati’: A must watch!

Na Band Na Baraati

Produced by Zain Farooqi of Zashko Films, Na Band Na Baraati takes a slow start before the fun ride begins. Written by Harish Kumar Patel, the story revolves around two brothers, and a Mechanic. The brother’s characters are played by Mikaal Zulfiqar and Shayan Khan.

The Bhaagi actor Ali Kazmi plays Abdul Kadir who is a mechanic by profession. It is a comic tale of romance in which things go awry.

The female characters are played by Nayab Khan, Komal Farooqi, and Anzelikha Tahir. Nayab Khan and Anzelikha Tahir are in love with the brothers and trying to get married as soon as possible, and before the parents marry them to a groom the family chooses.

Well-renounced actors such as Atiqa Odho, Qavi Khan, Azra Mohyeddin, and Mahmood Akthar are also part of the cast and playing the role of parents.

Shayan Khan

The music sounds straight out of a Bollywood movie, and playback singing is by Pakistan’s elite artistes such as Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan, Sahir Ali Bagga, Aima Baig, and Nimra Rafiq.

The music Director Ayaz Sonu must have been in the right state of mind, because in my opinion this is the best music produced in Pakistani Cinema yet.

Na Band Na Baraati has been shot completely in Canada and, has some scenic moments, such as Niagara Falls, Blue Mountain Village, and Toronto. This film marks the new beginning of Pakistani Cinema, as it’s completely shot overseas, and has some eye pleasing views.

The story takes some time to develop but moves very smoothly. The film has some very memorable moments and lines.

Qavi Khan plays a flirtatious character which we haven’t seen before. Audiences repeated his line Cheeni khao jaan banao. The plot moves in a fast and fun manner once one of the sons gets married without permission of Qavi Khan. Both shows up to justify their act and the story rolls fast.

Mikaal Zulfiqar marks his second appearance on the big screen after the release of Cake, He is seen in this film as the responsible elder brother, who ends up getting wrapped into the younger brothers shenanigans. Mikaal carries his role very well, his dressing is like a million bucks, and his style plus attitude make him look like the responsible Son. His acting style is unique and fitting to the character.

Shayan Khan’s performance is also shining in the movie. For a first timer I have to give it to him, he fits in the role properly. His dialogue deliver is convincing for the role he is playing, of a spoiled brat. He goes around causing trouble, and finally gets wrapped into a situation that turns the film into a comic ride. He elopes with the girl he’s dating. I feel that Shayan would look much better had he consulted the right hair and makeup team. However, over all he was an appreciable character, with a physique to drool over.

Ali Kazmi is playing a rogue character that’s on the loose, and the only thing on his mind is a girl he is in love with. He’s constantly dreaming about her, and neglecting his business an auto mechanic shop, he has two cartoons like assistants, that follow the character of Zahid everywhere he goes. Ali has done a marvelous job in this character; his performance is very convincing and believable.

Atiqa Odho, is playing a single working mother. Although she doesn’t have many scenes, she is looking gorgeous, and convincing. She has nice dressing sense, and appears to be a strong willed and classy woman throughout.

Azra Mohyeddin is the mother of Zahid and Shahid. She plays the role of Savior mom. Anytime the kids are in trouble, mom’s there to justify their act to the father. She seems to be upset at the father most of the time. Overall she did justice with her act in the film.

Mahmood Akthar also the Director of the film plays Aisha’s Dad, who is trying to get his second daughter married as soon as possible. Because he is afraid she might try to get married to a groom of her own choice similar to her elder sister (who we never see in the film). He is a comic character who is obsessed with an old car, which he’s always trying to repair. He brings a lot of joy to the film.

Nayab Khan is playing Zoya, the love interest of one of the brothers. Zoya is a working girl that travels for work. She makes an entry in the beginning of the film and returns close to mid way when all the action is taking place.

Anzelikha Tahir is playing Aisha, the daughter of Mahmood Akther. Although she has very little dialogues in the film, she is very pretty and convincing to be a vulnerable girl. She ends up running away to marry the love of her life, against her father’s wishes.

Komal Farooqi, is playing the role of Alia, the younger sister of Zahid and Shahid. She is so witty and playful in the character, that she steals the charm in this film.

Na Band Na Baraati raises the bar for Pakistani Cinema. The film is a comedy of errors and it keeps one gripped to their seat. It was nice to see, that the entire audience sat throughout the film, unlike rest of the Pakistani movies that released this Eid. If you are in need of some serious laugh therapy, this is a must watch.

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