Na band Na Baraati’s music & comedy will leave you spellbound!

Na Band Na Baraati

The movie trailer and music launch of the romantic-comedy ‘Na Band Na Baraati’ was held on Tuesday, May 8th at Movenpick Hotel, Karachi. The sneak-peek of the rom-com has left us eagerly awaiting the movie with its energetic music and its diverse cast including both veteran actors and fresh newbies.

Some of the star cast made appearances including leading man Mikaal Zulfiqar and newcomers Shayan Khan, Nayab Khan and Komal Farooqi and old-timers Mehmood Akhtar (who makes his directorial debut as the helmsman of the film) and Azra Moheyuddin along with the Executive Producer Zain Farooqi. Other cast members including Qavi Khan, Atiqa Odho, Anzhelika Rublevska (Miss Pakistan World 2015.) and Ali Kazmi could not attend due to prior commitments.

Shafqat Amanat Ali who has lent his voice to the film’s OST also lip-synched a few songs and left us both spellbound but also a little disappointed not to hear him live. The young cast also performed a few dances to songs from the movie and did we mention that this was the first time we had seen Mikaal letting go and dancing his heart out on stage! Mikaal reprises his image as the dapper hero of the movie while Ali Kazmi plays the role of a menacing antagonist.

In addition having the musical triumvirate of Mika Singh, Shafqat Amanat Ali and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan all in one single movie will undoubtedly be a melodic treat!

Na Band Na Baraati tells the lives of a few first generation Pakistani families residing in Canada (where much of the movie is shot along with some scenes in Pakistan) and what challenges they face with the new generation including yes, you guessed it marriage and the taboo of elopement. The movie dovetails aspects of culture; an inkling of family politics and drama including the dynamic between two brothers played by Mikaal Zulfiqar and Shayan Khan; familial compassion; romantic love and definitely a whole lot of rollicking entertainment buoyed by the slapstick comedy and the riveting music; all of which has us totally hooked already.

‘Na Band Na Baraati’ is produced by Zashko Entertainment and distributed under the banner of HUM Films and Eveready.

The movie will be released on July 6th 2018 and we are definitely awaiting for the electrifying depiction of the most epic wedding of the year!

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